Searching For The Perfect Home

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I am trying to figure out where I want to live on the island.  At the moment I live close to Winslow Way.  I like it because of the closeness to shopping, the movie theater and many of the events that make life here interesting.

On the other hand, there are a couple neighborhoods that are especially attractive because of the view of Mount Rainier.  We don’t see the Mountain all that often, especially during the winter, but on clear, sunny days the view is inspiring.

It was Mount Rainier that changed my mind about living in the Pacific Northwest.  When I was 11 or 12 my parents decided we were moving to Seattle from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  I came under protest.

The first day I was here, my older cousin told me to go outside and play because it was a beautiful day.  Right!  Overcast and drizzle in June was a beautiful day.  In Eau Claire the days were warm, sunny and cloudless.

Anyway, my uncle took us for a drive the next Saturday, which happened to be warm, bright and sunny.  That’s when I saw the Mountain for the first time.  I decided to give Seattle a second look.

As for moving to a new neighborhood on the Island, I am torn.  I like being close to the downtown experience but I also like the idea of an established, quiet neighborhood with a view of the Mountain.

I don’t think it matters much where we live as long as Terri gets a kitchen that takes up two-thirds of the house.

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I Give Up On The Great American Novel

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I have given up on trying to write the Great American Novel.  I started to write a couple of books about two years ago and they just won’t write.  So far they have evolved from the Great American Novel to the Great Puget Sound Novel, and the Great Bainbridge Island Novel.  I stopped when I got down to the Great Apartment Novel.  That was WAY too close to home.

I have resolved to write this blog, at least for the time being.

I spent most of my time in radio and television writing short stuff.  News pieces, copywriting and extremely bad jokes that, thankfully, I don’t remember.  I forgot the jokes I wrote almost the moment I typed them to protect what little sanity I had.

Later, I tried my hand at newspaper columns of about 800 to 1,000 words.  As I started to write my first book I began to realize that 1,000 words was my limit after that my mind started to drift off the topic and refused to return.

A friend of mine suggested I write and license treatments (basic outlines for books, movies and such.)  They only require about 1,000 words and can, if found by the right producer (meaning one with money) can be quite lucrative.

In fact, as I write this, I think it might be interesting to create an entire book of treatments.  Fifty chapters 1,000 words long with just story ideas just might be fun.  I wonder if its ever been done before?

I don’t see why the idea couldn’t work.  After all, the design for the Space Needle was created on a napkin and the Gettysburg Address was written on the back of an envelope and delivered in person to save on postage.  Maybe I could publish the entire book on a roll of paper towels and make a gazillion dollars selling them in grocery stores.  People could use the towels to read about an interesting story idea before cleaning up the latest breakfast mess.

Maybe not.

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