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Welcome to the last day of October, 2014.  Tomorrow starts my writing season.  For some reason, when the days are overcast, windy, rainy, and depressing I like to write.  The cold and rain somehow inspires me, although I don’t completely understand why.

Writing can be a lonely profession and a challenging one.  There are no real deadlines except those that are self-imposed.  When the words don’t come, giving in to watching TV, getting a second, third or fourth cup of coffee or finding an excuse to meet a friend for lunch can suddenly become very attractive.

Speaking only for myself, I write around 5,000 words a day.  I break the sessions down to about 1,250 words an hour (my average speed) and work four non-consecutive hours until the final goal is met.  In other words, I work an hour and then take a break for an hour.  I continue this until my daily goal is met.

The first time around I pound the keys and let the ideas flow.  I don’t edit.  I keep writing until I have somewhere between 25,000 and 50,000 words, depending on the project I have in mind to complete.  It’s a process that takes anywhere from five to ten days of steady key pounding.

Next comes the editing part of the process and a start on polishing the final product.  This takes more time because the goals are different.

If all goes well, I will produce a book a month from November to the end of February.  I may get two books a month out of the process because I try to keep my projects at around 25,000 words.

What do I do from March to November?  I find ways to market the end product and collect new ideas that might be interesting to explore when my writing season comes around again.

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