what if we started a war and nobody played?

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I served in Vietnam.  During my service I never really understood why we were there.  Sure we wanted to win the war, but what comes next.  No one seemed to think that far ahead.

The attitude seemed to be that, once the war was won, the remaining social wreckage would sort itself out one way or another.

We would fight the war in Vietnam as long as it was politically popular.  When it wasn’t popular anymore, we would leave (which is kinda what we did.)  The unpopular part, following through the rebuild the infrastructure of the country, isn’t politically popular, so we decided not to do it.

As I look back at the various wars and conflicts in which the United States and other countries have been involved with and I see a similar pattern.  Again I return to what is politically expedient.

The unfortunate result of this short-sighted view is it tends to lead to another conflict which, more often than not, will escalate into another war.

Consider how the world might be a healthier place to live if the political currency spent on perpetuating war were spent on creating an infrastructure based on peace.

Will it ever happen?  Probably not.  Peace is not politically popular, nor is it all that profitable.

Besides, for it to work, we would have to wage war on the concept of war.

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Have you ever noticed that when you live somewhere nothing seems to change?

Then you move away for a few years and when you return businesses have closed, roads get torn up, new buildings seem to pop into existence and, of course, there are what seem to be hundreds of new faces.

There are also new attitudes.  I encountered one of them a couple of weeks ago as I was crossing Winslow Way.

The rule for cars is to drive at about 25 miles an hour and stop at crosswalks for pedestrians.  Most do, but some of the newer residents zoom through the crosswalks, looking straight ahead and pretending not to notice us.

On one occasion I stopped a car by simply walking across the street.  When I turned to look at the driver she was yelling at me and making certain gestures.  I guess I was an inconvenience.

I bring this up because this rudeness, especially along Winslow Way is becoming something of a trend.  It seems more and more drivers are refusing to stop for pedestrians.  I know they aren’t that unaware and I can’t imagine that, on an island, that something is so pressing that a few seconds can’t be spared to stop for people crossing legally.

So far, no one has gotten run over or hurt – YET! 

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