Don’t Mess With The Trees

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A week or so ago, a girl climbed up one of the trees along High School road to protest a mall project that would destroy an entire field of beautiful trees in favor of a bunch of buildings along High School Road. The local newspaper referred to it a “Treemageddon.”
It was an act I thought to be gutsy and right on the mark.
One of the anchor stores planned for this project is a Bartell’s Drug store. I have nothing against Bartell’s. I shop there from time to time. I just wonder why, on an island of approximately 24,000 residents, we need another pharmacy. We already have three.
When I was reading up on the goals for the project, making it a regional mall was mentioned. A regional mall, really? That idea doesn’t make sense, either. People would have to come here from Poulsbo or Silverdale where there already many of the same amenities.
I even took an independent, non-scientific poll for this column of about 100 people. While they thought the idea of having another mall on the island might be an interesting addition, overall they felt it wasn’t really practical. In fact, they weren’t even sure if the businesses there would be patronized to the level where they could be financial viable.
As for myself, I moved to this island because of the greenery and the calm, quiet atmosphere. Building another mall just means more people may decide to move here, which means more traffic and crowds.
I would like to see the area along High School Road left as is. Every square foot of the island doesn’t need to be developed and every development idea is not a great one. In this case, I don’t think, as development ideas go, it’s all that great.
Developers, though, tend to be persistent. They are a lot like teachers. They keep talking after everyone else has completely lost interest.
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